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Adults listed in green are mentioned or temped regularly in play, but are still open to being apped.

Full Name Alias Age Parents Status Abilities Journal

Vincent Amorason
PB: Gaspard Ulliel
Runecaster 17 Victor Von Doom & Amora Student Genius-level intellect. High-level magical powers. Powered armor. Superhuman longevity and durability. vincent_amora

Niklas Blake
Asgardian Angel 24 Thor & Sif Guest Above average strength and reflexes. Uru Axe which enables him to fly, create anti-force, cut through enchantments, and channel his soul-lightning into soul blasts. It also can sense nearby divinity and can only be lifted by those who are deemed worthy by it. asgardian_angel

Roxanne Danvers
PB: Blake Lively
Warbird 18 Ares & Carol Danvers Student Superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman reflexes. Flight. Energy absorption and manipulation. Seventh sense. Some limited magickal ability. avengingwarbird

Remi deNamor
Gambit 20 Namor (Earth-6706) & Sue Storm (Earth-6706) Guest An amphibious hybrid possessing superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, and durability, the ability to breathe underwater, communicate with ocean life, and generate invisible force fields for assault, protection or transportation. aqua_gambit

Mary Elizabeth Hellstrom
PB: Ashley Benson
Hellkitten 18 Daimon Hellstrom & Patsy Walker-Hellstrom Student Enhanced strength and durability, sensitive to magic, martial arts and acrobatics skills. helllkitten

Edwin Jarvis
N/A 56 N/A Butler Former British RAF officer. Skilled boxer. nextgen_avenger

Bruce Jones
PB: Nick D'Agosto
Captain Marvel 18 Rick and Marlo Jones Student A Captain America trained athlete and fighter. Possesses super-strength, flight, energy blasts and absorption, and force field projection. captain_what

Rose Knight-Rand
PB: Ruth Negga
Iron Dragon 18 Daniel Rand & Misty Knight Student Highly trained martial artist. Is studying or has studied most forms of Eastern Martial arts. Can also focus her chi to heal minor wounds and has been trained to be resistant to pain. Has begun to hone investigative skills and has working knowledge of fire arms. Fairly basic over all skills with a computer and has learned how to drive. irondragonchild

Scott Lang
Ant-Man 43 N/A Parent Uniform grants: Size shrinking, telepathic communication with insects, maintains strength of normal size in shrunken state. nextgen_avenger

May Parker
PB: Rachel Hurd-Wood
Spider-Girl 17 Peter Parker & Mary Jane Watson Student Strength proportional to a spider with agility beyond a spider's. Organic webbing and biomagnetic wall crawling. girlspider

Hank Pym
Ant-Man 51 N/A Teacher Size-changing capabilities from dozens of feet tall to sub-molecular. nextgen_avenger

Franklin Richards
PB: Justin Hartley
N/A 19 Reed Richards & Sue Storm Student Limited precognition, telepathy, and reality-warpingabilities. fb_richards

Tony Stark
PB: Robert Downey Jr.
Iron Man 45 Howard & Maria Stark Parent Genius-level intellect, cyberpathic link with powered armor. avenger_in_iron

Mary Storm
PB: Alona Tal
Shifter 17 Johnny & Lyja Storm Student Possess the Skrullian ability to reshape her body into any form she desires. Unlike other Skrulls, is able to add or decrease mass when altering her form - if she bulks herself up there is an accompanying increase in strength. stormy_skrull

Jay Walters-Wingfoot
PB: Nathaniel Arcand
N/A 17 Wyatt Wingfoot & Jennifer Walters Student Hulk form: possesses great strength, durability, endurance and a healing factor. Retains full intelligence and personality. Loses inhibitions. Human form: trained in hand-to-hand combat and is a formidable combatant. He is a skilled tracker, a fine horseman, motorcyclist, and marksman. lil_hulk

Marcus Whitman
PB: Steven Strait
The Black Knight 20 Dane Whitman & Sersi Student Trained in unarmed combat, swordsmanship, and horsemanship. When he touches his mystic pendant and invokes the name of Avalon, he conjures up extremely lightweight but supernaturally durable armor and his winged steed, Aether. Higher than average strength/endurance. 4th_blackknight
Full Name Alias Age Parents Status Abilities Journal

Alison Blaire
Dazzler 44 Carter & Catherine Blaire Parent Sound conversion and light projection. Immunity to light and sound damage. Highly skilled athlete, and has become a good hand-to-hand combatant. Unknown resurrection factor. nextgen_xmen

Stheno Boltagon
N/A 16 Blackgar Boltagon & Medusa Student Able to psiconcally paralyze another from five minutes to over a day via her eyes. princess_stheno

Leonard Drake
PB: Shane Kippel
Mischief 17 Bobby Drake & Laynia Petrovnia Student Above average intelligence, good fighter, hydrokinesis, can split his form into an ice goelm. watermischief

Peter Eastman
PB: Joseph Mazzello
N/A 16 N/A Student Meta-morph with four, bi-pedal turtle shapes; each with different abilities and skill sets. fourshelled

Josh Foley
Elixir 30 unknown Doctor & Teacher Omega level ability to control any biological structure of any organic matter. This can be used for healing and harming others. elixir76

Christina Grant-Pym
PB: Katie Rox
N/A 16 Hank Pym & Greer Grant Student Can shift into a catgirl form, then increase in size, becoming increasingly more feral, taking on a completely tiger-like build at maximum size. pym_kitten

Rachel Grey
PB: Mylène Farmer
N/A 26 Scott Summers & Jean Grey Teacher Omega-level telepathy, Omega-level telekinesis, and time traveling. nohoundsallowed

Molly Hayes
PB: Danielle Fishel
Bruiser 19 N/A Student Superhuman strength and durability. funny_hats

Emily Rose Hudson
PB: Jasmine Jessica Anthony
N/A 7 Logan & Kristen Hudson Student Being impossibly cute. lil_miss_em

Sebastien Jules le Beau-Bodreaux
PB: Jesse Spencer
Facade 20 Gambit & Bella Donna Student A reasonably powerful shapeshifter. Able to take the form of humans and animals alike. shifting_facade

PB: Hugh Jackman
Wolverine ?? Unknown Parent & Teacher An accelerated healing process that enables him to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with far greater efficiency than an ordinary human. Superhuman strength, stamina, and agility. Slowed aging. Bone claws encased in razor-sharp adamantium. canadianwildboy

N/A ?? Unknown Parent Super-human speed, agility, reflexes, and endurance. Psychometry. Ability to bend probability. nextgen_xmen

Shawna, Katherine, & Heather Maddrox
PB: Ellen Page
N/A 16 Jamie Maddrox & Teressa Cassidy Students Either one girl with the ability to split into three, or three girls with the ability to merge into one. The merged girl possesses the combined memories and skills of all three. Can also lessen injuries by merging, then dividing, causing the injury to be spread out amongst all three. investigative and hand-to-hand training. one_in_three

Thomasina McCoy
PB: Emily Browning
N/A 14 Henry McCoy & Cecelia Reyes Student Claw like nails, elongated limbs, and large hands and feet. Superhuman fast, strong, and dextrous in all four limbs. Very gracefuland light on her hands and feet. amazonwonder

Abigail Miller
PB: Alicia Silverstone
Paragon 17 Brian & Pamela Miller Student Omega level telepath. telepathic_abby

Danielle Moonstar
PB: Irene Bedard
N/A 35 William & Peg Lonestar Teacher Creates realistic illusions based on the greatest fear or desire of her target, creates psychic solid construct arrows, limited psychometry, limited telepathy. demonbearslayer

Peter Nereel'sson
PB: Taylor Lautner
N/A 22 Peter Rasputin & Nereel Guest Opens teleportational portals. noblersavage

Kitty Pryde
PB: Olesya Rulin
Sprite 15 N/A Student Can phase her molecules through solid objects, which also lets her walk on air. She has above average intelligence and was skilled in computers. show_your_pryde

Prince Kheri
PB: Corbin Bleu
Thundercat 18 Black Panther & Storm Student Weather-control. Superhuman speed, reflexes. Enhanced smell and night vision. the_thundercat

Doug Ramsey
PB: Fran Kranz
Cypher 35 N/A Teacher Almost instantly understands and communicates in almost any language, including body language and computer code, as well as man-invented code systems. Has become semi-accomplished in judo and Aikido. talk_to_u

Samuel Petrovich Rasputin
PB: Tom Sturridge
N/A 17 Peter Rasputin & Kitty Pryde Student Transforms into a liquid metal form that is extremely durable, very strong and can be shaped however he wishes. plastic_metal

David Ira Roberts
PB: Brad Renfro
N/A 15 Logan & Catherine Roberts Student Extremely powerful senses. Can keep a scent in his memory for a long time without needing to be reminded of it. Can regenerate, though not to the same degree as his father. smallestbear

Stephanie Shaw
PB: Camilla Belle
N/A 18 Sebastian Shaw & Isabella Lorca Student Kinetic energy absorption, allowing peak human physical abilities and bioenergy projection. hfc_princess

PB: Evangeline Lily
Sage 34 Unknown Teacher Cyberpathy, kinetic memory, ability to jumpstart unmanifested mutations, telepathy, mental fire-wall. virtual_recall

Anneka Van Rijn
PB: Marguerite Moreau
N/A 17 N/A Student Limited shapeshifting and telekinesis, very short range teleportation. mynameisanyone

Charles Xavier
Professor X 60 N/A Teacher Omega level psychic, able to read minds and project his own thoughts into the minds of others within a radius of 250 miles. Mastery over all forms of telepathy. Genius-level intellect. Military training. Expert fighter. nextgen_xmen
Full Name Alias Age Parents Status Abilities Journal

Hana Blaire
PB: Alexa Havins
Eclipse 19 Longshot & Alison Blaire Student Manipulate darkness: teleport through shadows, take shadow form, create objects from darkness, perfect vision in any darkness. shadeblossom

Adam Carson
PB: Matt Latner
Titan 21 Gary Carson & Cecilia Carson Student Draws superhuman strength, agility, and toughness from the city. He also has an affinity for buildings and other man-made structures, and has no difficulty scaling them ala Spiderman. He prefers his home city of San Francisco, but any city will do and his power in another city increases as he gets to know it better. He also has a form of psychometry that he can use to 'read' an area of the city (bit of sidewalk, building, park bench, etc) for information on past events. urban_titan

Julianne Lawson
PB: Meryl Streep
N/A 49 Carl Lawson & Francine Lawson Doctor Can communicate with any living animal and understand them when they respond back. den_mother_phd

Mikhail Loganovich Romanov
PB: Peter Facinelli
N/A 21 Logan & Natasha Romanov Student The ability to watch a routine or a demonstration of a fighting style and instantly translate it to muscle memory. His gift also allows him to fight and defeat a seasoned opponent by mimicking their own skills and moves while in combat. Has inherited his father's healing factor. mishaloganovich

Sofia Strange
PB: Jessica Stroup
N/A 23 Steven Strange & Clea Student Mystic blasts of magickal energy. Transmutation of small objects. Telekinesis. Telepathy. Standard Shields. Conjuration of nearby objects. Astral projection. sofia_strange

Jaden Van Dyne
PB: Chase Crawford
Hornet 22 Hank Pym & Janet Van Dyne Businessman Ability to fire off bio-electric blasts of energy, which he calls his hornet's sting. Athletically fit and an apt runner. Can float for short amounts of time, but not fly. jade_hornet

Eva Worthington
PB: Elisabeth Harnois
Density 20 Warren Worthington III & Paige Guthrie Businesswoman Can shift the density of her body and other people or objects. When she lessens her density she gains the ability to fly and can pass through solid objects. light_as_a_rock
New Mutants
Full Name Alias Age Parents Status Abilities Journal

Aiden Blaire
PB: Alex Band
N/A 19 Longshot & Alison Blaire Student Can bend light around himself to make himself invisible. Also is able to create a sword made of hardened light. Inherited agility without the light frame. sonoflongshot

Valeria Richards
PB: Sarah Carter
Marvel Girl 18 Reed Richards & Susan Storm Student Invisible force fields and all purpose shielding. Super intelligence. valeriarichards

Sara Katherine Summers
PB: Brittany Murphy
N/A 19 Scott Summers & Jean Grey Student Can generate and manipulate all forms of radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves to gamma rays. Can see all these wavelengths with her eyes, and is immune to any harmful effects. Her powers are charged up by absorbing ambient radiation of all kinds. She is bright, although not a genius, and has excellent mechanical and spatial aptitude. summersspawn

Angela Wagner
Bamf 19 Kurt Wagner & Rogue Student Possesses the power of self-teleportation, like her father (can teleport others too if touching) as well as the ability to open independent twin portals (entrace and exit). Also has her father's unique physiology and ability to stick to walls. crawler_kid
New Warriors
Full Name Alias Age Parents Status Abilities Journal

Ken Crestmere
PB: David Gallagher
Volcano 17 Antonio Argento & Allison Crestmere Active Pyrokinesis, the ability to manipulate magma, the ability to shift into a Magma Form that gives off heat, and the ability to heal with fire or magma. He also knows Taijuistu and Jujustsu techniques. moltenkid

Jake Gold
PB: Ethan Peck
Soundwave 19 Melissa Joan Gold Active Creates sounds of incredible power through his vocal chords, capable of creating a powerful forcewave as well as being deabilitatingly loud. Possesses solid hand-to-hand combat skills, with an emphasis on judo and wrestling abilities, from his mother's training. Uses a harness to shape his vocal powers into solid shapes. waveofsound

Angelica Jones
PB: Taylor Momsen
N/A 16 N/A Student Formerly Firestar; was mindswapped into the empty body of a former Xavier's student to save her life. She can freeze things, create weapons from ice, create ice slides. snowfallenangel

Katina Panhellenios
PB: Tabrett Bethell
N/A 22 Hercules & Hebe Independent Eternally young (will never look older than twenty), the power to change her shape to that of any mortal and many animals, unaffected by disease or illness, and accelerated healing. Like her father: super human strength, speed, agility, and endurance. Mixed martial artist. Proficient with a variety of handguns and often carries a police issue baton. surfgoddess

Katie Power
PB: Alison Pill
Energizer 20 James & Margaret Power Active The ability to disintegrate matter for energy and then release that energy as destructive blasts. Can also absorb other forms of energy for power. Through extreme concentration, can heal wounds to herself, though it is extremely draining. bunny_battery
Full Name Alias Age Parents Status Abilities Journal

Raven Darkholme
Mystique 107 Unknown Activist Shapeshifting. Limited healing factor. Impressive hand-to-hand and armed combat skills, and extensive training in the techniques of espionage, sabotage and assassination. sexydeadly

Lucas Eisenhardt
Tesla 20 Max Eisenhardt & Raven Darkholme Activist Controls Magnetism. Can shift his form into electromagnetic energy. kid_magneto

Fen Mary McKenzie
PB: Liv Tyler
N/A 18 Namor McKenzie & Susan McKenize-Storm Activist Has the ability to manipulate water in all its states of mass as well as change the states of mass at whim. Ex: turn water into ice, ice to water vapor, and back again. blueisaqua

Dexter Toynbee
PB: Cory Knauf
Frog-Boy 15 Mortimer Toynbee Activist Very flexible and not easy to grab ahold of by his bare skin due to how wet he naturally is. Also posses super-strength to some degree as well as a very long flexible tongue that he can use to snatch things up to two and a half feet away. eatstheboat

Brooke Wyngarde
PB: Leighton Meester
Sovereign 18 Lady Mastermind. Father unknown. Student Tele-empath. brooke_wyngarde
Full Name Alias Age Parents Status Abilities Journal

Samantha Fury
PB: Olivia Wilde
N/A 20 Nick Fury & Valentina Fontaine Cadet Can stop time for sixty seconds once every hour. fury_scion
Silver Sable International
Full Name Alias Age Parents Status Abilities Journal

Kaylyn Hart
PB: Oliver James
N/A 17 Kenneth Hart & Angelina Weatherstaf-Hart Mercenary Self-starting fires, controlling flames both of his creation and not, creating small creations/shapes of flame. selfstartinpyro

Lisa Preston
PB: Keira Knightly
N/A 29 John Preston & Vivianna Preston Team Leader Mixed martial artist. Extremely proficient with anything that fires bullets. A fair swordswoman and very good with knives. Expert horse rider. Intelligent and business savvy. Fluent in Italian, French, and Japanese. Learning German and Arabic. lisapreston

Veronika Sable-Preston
PB: Lacey Chabert
N/A 18 John Preston & Silver Sable Mercenary Adept hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, a skilled markswoman and swordswoman, and a fair gymnast. Agile and has above average strength, speed, durability, and reflexes. Fluent in French, German, and other languages. silverdaughter
Full Name Alias Age Parents Status Abilities Journal

Marcelo Joaquim Alencar da Silva
PB: Lateef Crowder
Vesper 22 N/A Vigilante Silence abilities, far-hearing, master capoeirista. vesper_verde

Kate Bishop
PB: Amber Tamblyn
Hawkeye 23 N/A Vigilante Highly skilled at archery, fencing, sword fighting, jujitsu, boxing, and other forms of combat. archer_of_mercy

Josephine Marie Blaire Bennett
PB: Shannyn Sossamon
Daybreak 16 Bennet du Paris & Alison Blaire Activist Draws on latent psionic energy from living beings, humans mostly, and can solidify it into various forms. Can also focus the manifestation into shields and blasts of varying intensity. dazzle_daybreak

Ahura Boltagon
PB: Jonathan Rhys Meyers
N/A 20 Black Bolt & Medusa Unknown A psionic "evil eye" which can cause death. prince_ahura

Dean Robert Clarkson
PB: Matt Dallas
N/A 18 Adopted Student None, very good mechanic, decent cook. naivemechanic

Victoria Creed
PB: Olivia Lufkin
N/A 22 Victor Creed/Sabretooth - Earth 295 & Elizabeth Braddock - Earth 616 Brotherhood / X-Men Naturally athletic and limber. Enhanced speed, strength, agility, and balance. Enhanced senses. Healing ability about half as efficient as her father's. Enhanced resistance to mind control. Sharp, needle like spines that extend and retract from underneath her claws to deliver high doses of poison. Some martial arts training. A natural brawler. Proficient with daggers. Proficient user of handguns. creed_kitty

Gwendolyn Fairchild
PB: Olivia Williams
Gray Ghost 38 N/A Vigilante / CEO Can use a variety of medieval weaponry, ride a horse, and use a variety of projectile weapons with a great deal of accuracy. Understands magical theory well enough to get by. At the peak strength for someone who works out on a regular basis but her acrobatic skills are that of someone training for the Olympics. Speaks Middle English, Medieval Welsh Medieval German, Medieval French. franklyalady

Statler Murphy
PB: Ryan Gosling
N/A 18 Bill Murphy & Sheryl Murphy Freelance Can look at any person, object or animal and instantly assess its weight, height, dimensions and composition. Also, within an uncertain radius, has a tendency to negatively affect his surroundings and the people in them. Rarely affects himself. statlers_law

Griffen Patrick O'Niell
PB: Richard Khan
N/A 25 Joshua O'Niell & Sarah O'Niell R&D Hyper Intelligence, low level empathy, MacGyvering broken things to work or to make non-lethal traps or to escape from things. A wide range of knowledge in physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Has put together several inventions that allow him to have super strength, flight, and a level of toughness that could make him stand up to a good deal of damage. Has a series of shields that recharge through kinetic force, but can't be used for more than eight hours a day. innameof

Alistaire Anton Shaw
PB: Gackt
N/A 17 Shinobi Shaw HFC Invisibility. Can generate kinetic force-fields. hellfire_child

Daniel Sherwood
PB: Marshall Allman
Weaving Wizard 19 Franklin & Shela Sherwood Student: Rutgers Magic user with learned knowledge and innate ability to shape magical energy. Enhanced hearing. Can also communicate with plants and rocks through his magic. weavingwizard

Caroline Miriam Song
PB: Sarah Wayne Callies
N/A 19 Windsong Student: ESU Cadre physiology side includes enhanced reflexes and a healing factor. Mutant ability is basic sound mimicry. An incredible knife fighter. Speaks fluent English and Cadre, decent Spanish and German. A skilled and athletic dancer and knows a lot about carpentry and a bit about sabotage. Is ambidextrous and stays poised on relatively small feet. all8toes

Cronos Tipparethei
PB: Kevin Zegers
N/A 19 Maximus Boltagon & Nahrees Inhumans Can warp reality in order to reverse events. Focuses on time reversal as a means to heal. cronos_reverses

Viktoriya “Vika” Vodianova
PB: AnnaLynne McCord
Black Widow 20 N/A Unknown Death touch, hellfire generation, demonic power, can teleport to Hell and back. widow_of_death
Full Name Alias Age Parents Affiliation Abilities Journal

Jeremiah Unuscione Bennet
PB: Ben Barnes
N/A 17 Paris Bennet Magneto Manipulation of massive psionic energy, usually solidified as an armored exoskeleton that both protects and enhances physical abilities, or as forcefields or other weapons, or used for basic area-based psychic defense/perception limitation, or to fly. Excellent swordsman (uses psionic blade). And, of course, most boys in the Savage Land want their own deinonychus when they turn 16. fanboytemplar

Jennifer Brady
PB: Hayden Panettiere
N/A 18 Victor Creed & Birdy for hire Mid-level healing factor, super human strength. Training with guns. not_very_subtle

Lena Essex
PB: stock photography
N/A 21 clone self / Mr. Sinister Telepathy, telekinesis, hellfire generation, somewhat stronger and more durable than baseline human. When weakened or injured she can heal herself by drawing the life force out of another. Occasional magic user. lena_essex

Nathaniel Essex
PB: Gary Oldman
Mr. Sinister 172 unknown self Extremely versatile shape-shifter. Psionic abilities. Technologically advanced. Brilliant geneticist. dr_essex

Rowen Myung Haneul
PB: Takeshi Kaneshiro
19 Unknown Dr. John Sublime Highly trained in infiltration and gathering information. Is also an expert at both armed and unarmed combat. Can produce electricity from his body and uses it as a weapon. Can create pictures using his bio-electricity. With skin to skin contact can send messages directly to a mind through electrical impulses. sparkninja

Harada Takeshi
PB: Tak Sakaguchi
Silver Samurai 20 Silver Samurai & Yukio Leads the Hand A superb swordsman but not quite to the level his father was. Also a highly skilled master of several martial arts. "Hidden" mutant powers are electricity based: Direct Current Paralysis, Charged Punch, Power Down Touch, Ohm Effect, Electrosense, Electronic Concealment. Mutant skills are underdeveloped. giniro_musuko

Octavia Durand
PB: Natalie Portman
N/A 28 Otto Octavius & Sophie Durand self Superhuman ability to multitask mental and physical activity, as well as reflexes 4-5 times faster than normal. Four cybernetic tentacles, of an extraordinarily strong titanium alloy. EMP resistant. doc_octavia

Jerrard Lovel Prideaux
PB: Tarkan
N/A 29 (in appearance) Unknown self / The Devil's Island An involuntary mutation that activates at the very end of life, transferring his consciousness into the body of another person he is physically touching. Can utilize powers of the body taken. Current body has the ability to see a few minutes into the future. on_stolen_time

Gina Rosenberg-Reece
PB: Gina Carano
Molecana 20 Owen Reece & Marsha Rosenberg self / for hire Can change her body into any form of matter or energy she wishes. When in an energy form she can fire blasts of the same energy (electricity, plasma, etc.). When she shifts into a dense, solid form of matter (like metal or rock) she gains super-strength. In human form Gina is strong - she's naturally muscular and athletic. molecana

Johan Schmidt
Red Skull 90 N/A self Is the physical clone of Captain America, including Super Soldier serum. Access to vat technology. herr_skull

Victor Von Doom
N/A mid 60's N/A self / Latveria Genius-level intellect. Command of magic. Diplomatic immunity. Powered armor. Access to advanced technology. balkanbeast

Viveca Von Roehm
PB: Cecilia
N/A 22 Friedrich & Florence Von Roehm self / "Sweating Bullets" Superstrength, speed, highly enhanced reflexes and flexibility. Excessively sharp and tough teeth and nails. Feral combat skills. parkave2skidrow
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